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T for Tabitha


Lisa Hartman, who stars in the title role of "Tabitha", Columbia Pictures Television's new half hour romantic comedy series, comes from a show business family.

Her Fatner, Howard, is an actor / singer and her mother, Jonnie, is a television presenter in Houston, Texas. Born in Houston on June 1, Lisa began modeling and appearing in T.V. commercials and performing in children's theater productions as a youngster. She attended Houstoon's High School for the Performing and Visual Arts and appeared in such Houston stage productions as "South Pacific" and "Cinderella".

The 5'3" blue eyed blonde blonde has since guested on television in an episode of "Police Woman" and in "Murder at the World Series", a made for television movie. She has also been seen in numerous T.V. commercials. In addition to acting, Lisa is an accomplished singer and once recorded her own album. She enjoys horseback riding, motorcycle riding and tennis. Lisa was single and lives in L.A., Ca.


Acting was in David's blood at an early age. The son of the late character actor, Morris Ankrum, he worked with his father in reportory productions as a youngster but soon lost interest in the craft. Ankrum portrays Adam Stephens in "Tabitha". He resumed his acting interest when his football coach at Fairfay High School in LA encouraged him to join the Drama department.

Prior to that time he had spent his childhood as a "regular kid" at La Canada Elemtary and Junior High School's and Flintridge Prep School for Boys. Born in Palo Alto, Ca on May 2, Ankrum carried his drama interest to LA Valley College where he participated in numerous plays.

Since then, he has been active in theater workshops and improvisation groups and is a member of the Theater Arts Program in LA, a free theater serving the LA area.

The 6'2" brown eyed actor has guested on such TV shows as "Barnaby Jones", "Cannon", "The Waltons", and "GE Theater" and appeared in NUMEROUS commercials. He also has had featured roles in the motion pictures: "Every Little Crook and Cranny" and "Zebra Force". Ankrum, who is single, lists his favorite pastimes as swimming, framing and assisting his mother with displays for her art gallery, The Ankrum Gallery. He also lives in LA.


Barry Van Dyke , who portrays Roger Bennett in "Tabitha", broke into acting behind the scenes as a production assistant on his father's comedy series, "The New Dick Van Dyke Show". He attended Birmingham High School in Van Nuys ,California, before heading to Carefree, Arizona where "The New Dick Van Dyke Show" was filmed and his show business career was to begin.

After appearing in bit parts on the show, Van Dyke studied acting with Jeff Corey and landed roles in such television series as "The Tony Randall Show", "Wonder Woman", "Van Dyke and Company", "Lucas Tanner", "Spencer's Pilot" and "Gemini Man". He also appeared in the television movie, "Stalk the Wild Child" and has done numerous commercials.

The 6'1" green eyed actor enjoys surfing and skateboard riding. He , and his wife, Mary , and son , Carey, reside in Agoura, California.


Mel Stewart, who plays television producer Marvin Decker in "Tabitha", started his show business career as a musician and got into acting by hanging around his New York neighborhood theaters.

Born in Cleveland, Ohio, on September 19, Stewart was raised in New York where he attended Central High School and Western Reserve College. After performing in several off Broadway plays, he landed a role in the Broadway production of "Simply Heavenly" a role which took him from New York to London and back again. Since then , he has appeared in such stage productions as "Me, My Mother, My Father and I" and "In the Counting House".

Stewart has guested in numerous television series, including "Sanford and Son", "Police Story", "All in the Family", "Good Times" "What's Happening" and "Marcus Welby, M.D" and had a regular role in "Harry-O". The brown eyed actor made his motion picture debut in "Odds Against Tomorrow" and has since added "The Hustler", "Trick Baby", "Newman's Law", "Let's Do it Again", "Summer Kill", "The Landlord" and "Scorpio" to his film credits. Skilled in the martial arts, Stewart enjoys photography, woodwork and writing screenplays. He and his wife, Annie, reside in Berkeley, California.


Morrow thought she was accompanying her five roomates to the super market. Little did she know it was a ploy to get her to an audition. Morrow won the audition and was hired to sing in the chorus at the Equity Theater in Milwaukee.

Prior to that, she had completed studies at St. Joesph's Academy in Des Moines, Iowa, and Dubuque's Clark College for Women and moved to California on a dance scholarship. Finding she couldn't survive financially with her dance carreer, Jaren turned to teaching at a Catholic grade school in La Canada, California.

Unsatisfied with teaching, Karen moved to Milwaukee where, in addition to singing at the Equity Theater, she appeared in Milwuakee stage productions. She then ventured off to New York where she performed in the off Broadway production of "Sing, Muse" and with the national company of "The Unsinkable Molly Brown". The 5'8" browm eyed blonde made her Broadway debut in "I Had A Ball", and soon became a regular on "The Jimmy Dean Show", "The Garry Moore Show", and "The Sid Caesar Hour".

In 1969, Karen returned to LA to perform as a regular on "The Jim Nabors Hour". She since continued to guest on television series, talk shows, and telethons. She sang twice at the White House for President Johnons and currently performs a nightclub routine with actrees / singer Nancy Dussault. Born in December 15 in Chicago, Illinois, Karen is a physical fitness buff. She is single and lives in LA, Ca.


It took a football injury and a stab at the business world before Robert Urich found acting would be his niche in life. The handsome native of Toronto, Ohio, stars as Paul Thurston in "Tabitha", Columbia Pictures Television's half hour romantic fantasy comedy series. Urich enrolled at Florida State University on a football scholarship and majored in drama because "it was fun".

When an injury ended andy hopes of becoming a professional football player, he made use of the appreciation for security his parents had instilled in him and returned to the business world.

The 6'2" hazel eyed actor entered Michigan State University where he received his Master's Degree in Broadcast Management. He promptly landed his first job as an account executive for EGN Broadcasting Company in Chicago. Five months later, unhappy and desiring an acting career, he began calling theatrical producers around town.

Within three months, he began getting roles in various local productions. In March of 1972 - less than two years after initiating his new career - Urich arrived in Hollywood. His first major role was in an episode of "Kung Fu". Since then , he has starred in the television series "S.W.A.T", as Bob in the short lived TV series, "Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice" and guested in such series as "The F.B.I" and "Marcus Welby, M.D". He also appeared in a TV pilot entitled "Bunco".

In addition to a role in the motion picture "Magnum Force", Urich has performed in a Chicago theater production of "Sabrina Fair" among others. Urich's favorite pastimes include snow skiing , swimming and writing. Born December, 19 he and his wife, actress Heather Menzies, reside in Studio City, California.


Robert Stambler became a production assistant on the "Sam Benedict" TV series in 1963. Later that year, he was writing scripts for that show as well as the "Mr Novak" series, which he became producer of in 1964.

He has since produced such television series as "Hawaii Five-O", "Kate Mcshane", "Paper Moon", and the TV pilot/movie "The Deadly Triangle" among others.

In addition to writing scripts for such shows as "Hawaii Five-O", Stambler has also produced the feature films, "Hang 'Em High" and "The Hawaiians".

JERRY MAYER(Executive Producer)

Born in St.Louis, Missouri, on September 5, "Tabitha" pilot script writer and executive producer Jerry Mayer was educated at Western Military Academy in the St. Louis suburbs.

He has served in the television industry as executive story editor of "The Bob Newhart Show", producer of the critically acclaimed but short lived "Faye" series and has written material for such series as "All in the Family", "M*A*S*H", "The Mary Tyler Moore Show", "Bewitched" and the Mitzi Gaynor specials and nightclub acts.

A tennis buff, Mayer is married with three children and resides in Pacific Palisades , California.